we ship our coffee products from edmonton to every corner of canada and usa

roasted coffee

Specialty single origin Colombian coffees  to prepare with in your favorite brewing method. We ship weekly from Colombia to Edmonton so you can get fresh coffee from farm to cup.

instant coffee cubes

"Time is of the essence" Instant flavored coffee cubes ideal for people who want to enjoy a quality coffee with minimum preparation time.

coffee sweets

Roasted coffee beans covered with white chocolate and other coffee treats to indulge yourself and enjoy with your cup of coffee.


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Single origin roasted coffee

from Amagá - Antioquia

High roast

1.480 m

Cupping score: 86

Available in 8.8 oz (250g)

whole bean or ground.

Ideal for brewing in Mocha.

Comes with a 25g chocolate medallion "El Dorado Treasure" to enjoy with your cup of coffee.

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